Rublev business lounge Sheremetyevo Airport Moscow – M+R interior architecture


Rublev business lounge Sheremetyevo Airport Moscow – M+R interior architecture
Rublev Business Lounge by M+R

Contemporary Conceptual design for a business lounge on the international airport Sheremetyevo Moscow

Toelichting door M+R interior architecture – The lounge was designed by the Dutch design office M+R Interior Architecture, also known for its work at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The designers were inspired by the avant-garde aesthetics of Russian constructivism and the architecture of Kievan Rus. One of the project’s central themes is church domes — a nod to the legacy of Andrei Rublev, the great Russian painter of Orthodox icons.

The interior uses a range of high quality materials: marble, steel, and copper; some of the decor elements are made of natural wood and glass. The lounge’s lighting concept is of particular interest: the color temperature and the intensity of lights change from day to night, which creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. The interior’s central element is the onion-shaped seating areas made of wood, with subtle lighting coming from the ceiling.

The designers applied some of the best practices from the premium hospitality sector in this project. The space is divided into several dedicated areas, which allows all guests to relax and make good use of their time at the airport. Visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the airfield from the comfortable sunbed-style chairs in the lounge area. Business travelers also have access to a meeting room for 10 people. The space has a dedicated room for children. The restaurant area offers a European cuisine buffet, which is the longest in all business lounges in the world. Visitors can use the bar on the second floor or relax in one of the comfortable hotel-style rooms.


Ontwerp en realisatie

  • Adres Sheremetyevo Airport
  • Plaats Moscow
  • Projecttitel Rublev business lounge Sheremetyevo Airport Moscow
  • Projectarchitect(en) Hans Marechal;
  • Medewerkers Bart Diederen; Emy Liebregts; Anuschka Marechal; Pim Rongen.
  • Interieurarchitect M+R interior architecture
  • Bruto vloeroppervlakte (m2) 2500
  • Programma interieurarchitectuur business lounge nieuwe terminal B | Sheremetyevo Airport
  • Voorlopig ontwerp 2016
  • Definitief ontwerp 2017
  • Aanvang bouw December 2017
  • Oplevering Juni 2018
  • Bouwsom inclusief installaties (€) 6.500.000
  • Opdrachtgever Sheremetyevo VIP
  • Ontwerpbureau M+R interior architecture
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