Stairs with perforated steel banisters, powder coated in a rusty-reddish tone. Hot-rolled steel plated walls and door to the storage room give the entrance a vault-like vibe. Cafeine / Thomas de Bruyne

ARC20: Sneaker District Amsterdam - Barde + vanVoltt

After taking full creative lead in Sneaker District’s store in Antwerp, Barde + vanVoltt now completely revamped the store in Amsterdam’s city center. What can you expect? Let’s put it this way: the old has definitely made room for the new. The good ol’ chesterfields, stacked shoeboxes and plywood shelving have been replaced with a state-of-the-art interior, showcasing the newest sneakers on interactive and mesmerising shoe displays and floating shelves. The store slash hangout was already the perfect excuse to research sneakers all day, now it also looks the part.


  • Opdrachtgever

    Sneaker District

  • Ontwerpbureau

    Barde + vanVoltt, Amsterdam

  • Projectarchitect(en)

    Valérie Boerma, Bart van Seggelen

  • Medewerkers

    Ivo Klaver

  • Oplevering

    Juni 2020

  • Plaats


  • Bruto vloeroppervlakte (m2)


  • Netto vloeroppervlakte (m2)


  • Voorlopig ontwerp


  • Definitief ontwerp


  • Aanvang bouw

    April 2020