Spatial frame as connecting element

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The formerly dock hall called “Speicher C” was erected around 1900. It is part of a series of halls alongside the Elbe port basin. The building had been altered several times, but its core part is the well-preserved steel bearing structure. The conversion into two office units was planned by Lambrecht + Lambrecht, who are using one part of it themselves today. The partition resulted in double office on the west side and single offices on different levellings on the east side.

Spatial frame as connecting element

The structural renovation of the façade kept its historic character and was insulated in the interior. The conference room with a skin of ALUCOBOND® is joining both parts of the building and marks the new section like an alliance of modern science in historic surroundings. The supply with renewable energies is made with a heat-pump. The water is gained from a suction well, heated and drained off into the nearby basin. In addition to the tempering of the reinforced concrete baseplate the ventilations system conducts cold and warm air into the building.

Project: Speicher -C, Magdeburg, Germany
Year of Construction: 2010


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  • Projecttitel Spatial frame as connecting element
  • Bouwmanagement Glued on aluminium subconstruction
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