Spaces Vijzelstraat by SevilPeach Architecture + Design

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Spaces wanted to develop a new concept for a creative and inspiring co-working environment, with an emphasis on a personalised, homely environment that encouraged interaction and collaboration between tenants. Communal areas occupy ground and first floors, while private offices are placed on the levels above.

Spaces Vijzelstraat by SevilPeach Architecture + Design


The building was stripped to its original concrete shell unveiling an impressive structure with 5m ceiling heights. Two voids were introduced, creating strong visual links and a dynamic, further animated by a lighting installation.

Inspired by the 70m external colonnades, each bay and activity are highlighted with various colours and materials. These dynamic scenarios at the street front create a vitrine that expresses Spaces brand identity.

The ground floor houses the ever-important café as the heart of the building.
Above, a variety of meeting suites surround the main void; Therefore creating a gallery to display artwork.

The textures aim to soften the bare concrete structure. The interruption of coloured tiles is used as a place-making tool to identify specific areas. Velvet curtains hang between hard columns while heavy grained solid wood pieces give further warmth.

The co-working, social and meeting places are gifted by natural light, either enjoying busy street or green garden views, making Work additionally pleasant.


Ontwerp en realisatie

  • Adres Vijzelstraat 68-78
  • Plaats Amsterdam
  • Projecttitel Spaces Vijzelstraat by SevilPeach Architecture + Design
  • Projectarchitect(en) Craig Welch
  • Toeleveranciers false
  • Programma Kantoren
  • Voorlopig ontwerp 04-09-2015
  • Definitief ontwerp 04-09-2015
  • Aanvang bouw 04-09-2015
  • Oplevering 01-08-2014
  • Opdrachtgever Spaces
  • Ontwerpbureau SevilPeach Architecture + Design
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