Kanshebber ARC13 Stoelontwerp – OTTO

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The OTTO chair is a playful design for children. The seat in the shape of an eight stimulates the children to play with toy cars.

Kanshebber ARC13 Stoelontwerp – OTTO

This chair can be used at home, at day care centers and also will fit in waiting rooms. I made a prototype from a bent wood seat including the legs. In my search for production I found a company who can make the different shapes first and afterwards the wood can be bent.

New Thermoformable Wood Material
UPM Grada ( is a new thermoformable wood material for the form pressing industry. Grada technology revitalises the forming of wood with heat and pressure and opens up new opportunities for designs not achievable with traditional methods. UPM Grada’s unique forming properties enable high quality and ecological designs which are also visually appealing.

At the moment the chair is exposed in CBK Amsterdam organised by Stichting Zetel.

ARC Stoelontwerp is een initiatief van Ahrend en de Architect


Ontwerp en realisatie

  • Projecttitel Kanshebber ARC13 Stoelontwerp - OTTO
  • Projectarchitect(en) OTTO
  • Toeleveranciers false
  • Voorlopig ontwerp 05-09-2013
  • Definitief ontwerp 05-09-2013
  • Aanvang bouw 06-11-2013
  • Oplevering 15-10-2012
  • Ontwerpbureau MVOS
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