Built mountains

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Stadt-land-schafft (Free translation: city-land-shape) was the name of the winning entry for the Europan 6 competition in 2001. An artificial mountain range, revealing a three-dimensional urban landscape reminiscent of Baroque architect Piranesi in its interior, has evolved over a 12-year development period: an alternative to standard perimeter block development.

Built mountains

The maximum possible cubature has been determined by using applied three-dimensional geometry. Internal access routes, the impact of the surrounding open spaces and lighting of the recessed zones have created niches and formed plazas. These are where both private and public life, as well as residential and commercial life mix and merge. The apartments are varied in their layout: some multi-storey, some equipped with light scoops – but all have a window looking over the inner atrium and an exterior terrace running along the outer façade. The outer appearance of the complex emphasizes its inner layout: Mirroring the ribbon-like organization of the flats along the façade, the sloping loggia balustrades reiterate the shape of the light-hued, terraced façade and form a sharp, abstract envelope. The reflective, metal surface of the ALUCOBOND® panels is an ideal counterpart and creates the building’s characteristic appearance.

A statement from the jury: “This project opens a forum for discussion about urban blocks and their potential transformation. It turns the issue of feasibility into a design method.”


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