ARC19: Living Bridge Amsterdam IJ – Dominik Philipp Bernatek


“Living Bridge Amsterdam” is much more than just a connection over the IJ! The project addresses scares and future-plans of the city and merges 3 main typologies – housing, cycling-pedestrian-bridge, and park – in one hybrid building type. This approach allows densifying on an unconventional building site while introducing new qualities to the inner city of Amsterdam.

Toelichting door Dominik Philipp Bernatek – This project strives to have a positive impact on the whole city. Its theme is „Expanding universes on shrinking footprints“, and it consists of an urban “Green Loop” strategy for Amsterdam, research & theory, and a site-specific design for a “Living Bridge” over the IJ.

The “Green Loop” proposes a 16km long circular park around the historic city and connects it on two points with Noord Amsterdam. It merges all big central parks close to the center into one large park structure. This contributes to animal migration, biodiversity, a healthy lifestyle and offers a significant heat and rain buffer for the city center. This “Green Loop” can be interpreted as an allegory to the historic city wall!

The “Living Bridge” which is one of the connections over the IJ (East of Centraal) does not only adhere to Rijkswaterstraat’s demands, but it reasonably uses this area for living and relaxing. It is a new hybrid building type and a statement for the future of our built environment. There are various options for users on how to interact with space. Users can choose multiple ways of how to cross: through the park, indoors, with or without a slope. Housing – which takes place 24/7 – adds social safety to the connection. The dwellers, on the other hand, can regulate how much privacy they would like to have in their dwelling i.e. by an additional perforated façade that can be controlled individually in-front of each dwelling.

The twin-phenomena of public and private is a crucial aspect for densification in the future city. People have to identify not only in the private space of their dwelling but also with public space, to truly feel home in the city itself!


Ontwerp en realisatie

  • Adres IJ
  • Plaats Amsterdam
  • Projecttitel Living Bridge Amsterdam
  • Projectarchitect(en) Dominik Philipp Bernatek
  • Adviseur constructie TU Delft
  • Bruto vloeroppervlakte (m2) 200000
  • Programma (mainly) housing / park / bridge
  • Ontwerpbureau Dominik Philipp Bernatek


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