ARC18: Leaning Shelf – Marija Dondovic


Where exactly is the divide between an object and its surroundings? I explored this idea with the ‘Leaning Shelf’. This shelf is entirely reliant on the immediate architecture: it can only stand when leaning in a corner. This function furniture piece can only be alive if it cooperates with architecture.

toelichting door Marija Dondovic

The furniture is in symbiosis with the interior. For the onlooker, the shelf seems to disappear partially into the wall itself; a visual illusion challenging the actual reality. Yet the piece remains functional. The user can display a favorite collection or treasured possessions for all to admire.

Material choice and production:

The shelfs are made out of steel. They are laser cut, welded and powder coated.
The choice of material allows the object to look thin and minimalistic but at the same time be light, strong and stable.


Ontwerp en realisatie

  • Adres Schubertgasse 11/19
  • Plaats Wien
  • Projecttitel Leaning Shelf
  • Projectarchitect(en) Marija Dondovic
  • Ontwerpbureau Marija Dondovic
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