ARC16: Nidera – Fokkema & Partners Architecten

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Located in the new skyscraper ‘De Rotterdam’, Fokkema & Partners designed a new office for the trade company Nidera, a global commodity service and solutions provider for agricultural markets, founded in Rotterdam in 1920. The interior celebrates the scale and character of the building, but above all it identifies with the characteristics of the company, where ‘bold’ and ‘corporate’ meet.

ARC16: Nidera – Fokkema & Partners Architecten
Embedded in and around the massive building core the meeting spaces are situated. Important for Nidera was to create a characterful workplace where departments would be encouraged to collaborate. The core was opened up in the middle, to link both sides of the enormous floor of 50x100m. This area acts as an adventurous living room with its wall cladded with ‘hangzakken’ (hammocks). The interior of each room in the thickend core has been made grainyellow; these reflect a warm glow, which forms a rich backdrop to the workstations. With simple means like fiber glass wallpaper and jute, the office was cost efficient to obtain a unique atmosphere. 
All workplaces are placed in an open setting, as close to the façade as possible. The remarkable construction is left visible between the acoustic ceiling islands. To bring diversity to the work area, glass boxes for meetings and open podia are placed in between the workstations.
Along the public atrium we made a restaurant where employees can work and meet eachother. We introduced a special lighting solution above the bar; a cloud of 61 ‘zaklampen’ identifies with the characteristics of the old harbor dock location and lights up the heart of the office.


Ontwerp en realisatie

  • Projecttitel ARC16: Nidera - Fokkema & Partners Architecten
  • Projectarchitect(en) Laura Atsma, Marita Bijlsma, Lennart Aertsen en Yildez Veldhuis
  • Toeleveranciers false
  • Programma Kantoor
  • Voorlopig ontwerp 30-08-2016
  • Definitief ontwerp 30-08-2016
  • Aanvang bouw 26-08-2016
  • Oplevering 01-11-2015
  • Opdrachtgever Nidera
  • Ontwerpbureau Fokkema & Partners Architecten
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