De schoonmaak als leidend ontwerpprincipe


Het Bauhaus Lab heeft dit jaar een ongebruikelijk thema, namelijk de schoonmaak van de gevel. Onder de titel ‘Cracks in the Curtain Wall – Beyond an Architecture of Cleanliness’ zullen jonge architecten, designers en kunstenaars zich drie maanden met dit thema bezighouden.



Als je bent geïnteresseerd, kun je je nog tot 31 maart inschrijven via de e-mailadressen en Deelname is gratis en de Bauhaus Dessau Foundation verzorgt werkplekken in het Bauhaus gebouw. De voertaal is Engels.

Van de Bauhaus website

The efforts of the window cleaners on the wooden ladder at the Bauhaus were no more part of the modern narrative than the infrastructures and materialities that appertained to the management of such a building. Photographs of the Bauhaus emphasize the weightlessness and apparent insubstantiality of the building and play down what is required to maintain a glass curtain wall, that is, window cleaning. This is all the more astounding given that the transparent cube articulated a new material culture, which clothed the everyday world in smooth, clean and hard surfaces and was distinguished by the principles of cleanliness, efficiency, hygiene and uniformity.

The Bauhaus Lab, a three-month programme for architectural research at the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, follows up on traces of cleaning on selected architectures of Bauhaus modernism and addresses the sources of friction between buildings, materialities, materials and protagonists behind the scenes of contemporary narratives in architectural history. This archaeology of building cleaning is the starting point for critical reflection concerning the current approaches to an architecture of cleanliness, in search for scenarios of the hybrid conditions of the metabolism between man, object and environment. The programme will end with a jointly curated exhibition, which will be presented as a contribution to the theme of cleaning at the Housekeeping Fair 2015, held at the complex of Masters’ Houses. 

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