Urban Green


De fotoserie Urban Green laat zien hoe ontwerpers in de Nederlandse openbare ruimte het groen naar hun hand zetten. Het wordt er nogal vierkant van:

Urban Green

Fotograaf Jacob Gesink heeft daar zijn vragen bij.


“In cities, vegetation isn’t called nature, it’s called ‘green space’” aldus Gesink.


“The trees, bushes and plants in a city environment have been carefully planned and arranged, in a way that they became similar in form to the buildings that surround them.


“The tree-formations became statues to celebrate human manufacturability. This warrens the question; who controls public space?


Shouldn’t public space be a shared responsibility of everyone? We can travel through it, we can enjoy what’s there, but we may not shape it to our own liking. We are -like the trees in formation- allowed very little movement towards the space that belongs to no one.” 




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