ARC20: Ocragela : Red Ochre and a Wise Man - SOOWON CHAE

Ochre, gelatin, glycerin, and water. With these four natural substances, I have developed a contemporary material, called Ocragela, which is sustainable and biodegradable. And, the 1st edition of furniture made of Ocragela, named ANIMA series, questions the value of standardized mass-products of today by being processed in one-of-a-kind way from carving the wood to upholstering the structures with Ocragela.


  • Opdrachtgever

    Rossana Orlandi Gallery, Milan (Italy)

  • Ontwerpbureau

    SOOWON CHAE, Eindhoven

  • Plaats

    5611PA Eindhoven

  • Voorlopig ontwerp

    juni 2019

  • Definitief ontwerp

    juni 2020