Ensemble immobilier de bureaux Chevaleret

“It goes beyond just renovation, it is a process of re-architecture”, explains Archigroup architect, Jean-Philippe Charon, referring to the office building in rue du Chevaleret in central Paris.

“We have covered the whole complex with a roof to give it a contemporary character and to meet modern technical requirements”. Built by the renowned architect, Maurice Novaria in 1974, the building features a façade in pre-fabricated elements and vibrant psychedelic ceramic facing typical for 70s architecture. The modern construction approach adopts the same principle by using prefabricated elements, however, it incorporates contemporary technology and architectural language. 10,000 ALUCOBOND® prefabricated elements were produced to act as a second skin over the original façade. The original colour range of orange and amber gave the building a certain power in its urban environment. “This architectural power is something we wanted to retain. The initial design with its white ALUCOBOND® façade would have made the complex fade away. Grey metallic ALUCOBOND® with its metallic play of colours provided exactly what we were looking for. The building retains its aesthetic power, and its cutting-edge, contemporary architecture means it fits in with its surroundings”. Reiterating the 70s modular building approach and taking the building’s urban context into consideration makes this project more than a mere re-novation; it is re-architecture.

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