Posters van gevel- en dakpatronen


Andre Chiote heeft enkele iconische gevel- of dakpatronen gevangen in illustratie-posters.

Posters van gevel- en dakpatronen

“As you walk around the streets of any city, you come to realize that each building holds an aesthetic essence that sets it apart from its neighbors. some stand out for their volumetric expression, while others remain in our memory because of their skin, the texture that builds its exterior appearance”, aldus Chiote.

“The universe of these façades is extremely rich and plays with different elements, which alone or combined have the ability to create expressive compositions. colors, materials of diverse nature, light, and shadow set in a random way or organized according to geometric rules, form patterns with such a visual impact that allows them to stand as icons themselves.”

The graphic potential of these combinations was the characteristic that led to the selection of the buildings illustrated in andre chiote‘s ‘architecture’s patterns’ series.







Bron: Designboom via Jeroen Apers 

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