Ways to god: de moderne kerktoren


De architectuur van moderne kerken lijkt bij het grote publiek weinig los te maken. Terwijl juist deze kerken – en met name de torens – een bijzondere, minimalistische uitstraling hebben. Architecten tonen daarin hun visie op het geloof.

Ways to god: de moderne kerktoren




Ways to God van Daniel Zakharov, een fotoserie over de moderne kerktoren.
“As a photographer living in Cologne I have always been interested in the modern church architecture, especially in the construction of the spire (campanile). In comparison to the common and grand romantic churches and of course the gothic Dome, of which all have been photographed often and had books written about them, the architecture of the towers seem to be rather uninteresting to the public, it almost disappears behind the surrounding urban landscape. Although their construction is interesting and visionary at the same time, since one abandoned the classic, often gigantic and pompous architecture of chapels. Here a new method was used, based on simplicity and frugality, but at the same time often places abnormal forms into play. Over two years I have been working on this project, looking for this special aesthetics, which have been coined by the architects like Gottfried Böhm, Karl Band, Rudolf Schwarz, Bernahrd Rotterdam or Fritz Schaller.”











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